5 Life Lessons From Stephen Hawking

As his death is met with grief, we remember his wisdom. [Photo credit:][/caption]By Bryce Kirchoff for Next AvenueAs the passing of renowned physicist and public intellectual Stephen Hawking is met with grief and remembrance the world over, Next Avenue wanted to honor the man who educated the world on a host of issues by sharing five important lessons we learned from him:1. Trust in science, but remember that we haven’t uncovered all its mysteries yet.At 22, Professor ...
April 18, 2018

The Power of Sharing Our Stories

Playing a game at an assisted living facility opened up connections [Photo credit: Adobe Stock][/caption]By Reyna Marder Gentin for Next AvenueMy friend runs an assisted living residence not far from where I live. When she called to say she had a mitzvah (a good deed) for me that was “right up my alley,” I was wary, to put it mildly. She explained that she was running an event where the residents would play a game encouraging them to share, open mic style, stories from their lives. My friend knows I write — essays, memoir pieces, a novel. I tell stories.“Will you come?” she asked.
March 25, 2018

4 Ways to Maintain Healthy Family Relationships

Things don’t stay the same as we get older. We evolve into the older versions of ourselves.The same happens with families. And sometimes growing older can cause great upheaval to the family dynamics — especially between adult children and aging parents — requiring additional patience and understanding if we want to age together in a way that is healthy.
December 8, 2017

6 Steps to Keeping the Peace This Holiday Season

These tips can help avoid resentment and friction at family gatherings. [Photo credit: Thinkstock][/caption]By Donna Sapolin for Next AvenueOur expectations of family members and a desire to have a heartwarming, joyful time with them seem to peak during holiday gatherings. Yet that’s precisely when relatives can be at their worst, replaying old grievances and interacting in incredibly unproductive ways.To help prevent disappointment and ensure a happier season, try applying these six strategies
November 18, 2017

7 Tips for Travelers With Disabilities

You can do more than you may think – but planning is essential. [Photo credit: Thinkstock][/caption]By Barbara and Jim Twardowski for Next AvenueJackie Witt always feels a little anxious before she travels. The 31-year-old can barely climb steps, finds walking long distances difficult, and can’t lift more than five pounds.
November 5, 2017