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Call it lucky number 17

When Connie Stevens decided the Villa life at was perfectfor her, she had no idea the coincidences involved.

On March 17, Connie reserved her new home at 17 Villa Dr…andit’s the 17th Villa reserved at Salina Presbyterian Manor.

“Well, indeed, this is a very unique and special situation,”said Connie. “I had no idea yesterday what the date would be today, nor villanumber, not the 17th villa sold…must have been meant to be.”

The Villas are currently under construction. This brand-newneighborhood will bring premium independent living to Salina. The beautifultwo-bedroom homes will feature nine-foot ceilings, lots of natural light,covered private patios, and the chance to upgrade the finishes to your taste.

“My decision to reserve a Villa at Salina Presbyterian Manorwas relatively easy,” Connie wrote us in an email, explaining that her parentsspent their last years at the manor so she’s familiar with life there. “I’mlooking forward to my life in Villa #17 as I am ready to give up being a homeowner.”

The maintenance-free lifestyle that the manor offers issomething that wins people over. You no longer have to worry about the upkeepof owning a house so you can spend your time doing what you want to do.

“The aging process and caring for and maintaining a home andyard all get much harder to do,” said Connie. “It certainly takes more timethan it once did, and definitely becomes less fun.”  

While living at her villa, Connie won’t have to worry aboutlawn mowing and other home maintenance, and she’ll have access to house keepingservices. That way she can take advantage of all the amenities and activities –from wellness programs, social events, women’s breakfast to even a new pickleballcourt for The Villas. How much or little depends on what Connie wants.

“The next step in my life of leisure awaits,” she says. Andnow she’ll know she also has lucky number 17 on her side. Many believe 17symbolizes important changes coming someone’s way and if you keep seeing it, itmay be trying to point you in a specific life direction.

Congratulations Connie on reserving your Villa!

Click hereto learn more about the Villa life and contact Cathy Boos at 785-825-1366 or cboos@pmma.orgto reserve an appointment for your villa.

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