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Jill Elwood finds healing through pampering others

Resident Arlene Roberts received her very first manicure at age 101 from volunteer Jill Elwood.[/caption]

For about a year, Jill Elwood’s routine has been the same. Each Wednesday, she comes to the community with emery boards and nail polish in hand looking to provide the female residents of Salina Presbyterian Manor with a little dose of TLC.

Over the course of just a couple of hours, Jill is able to provide anyone who’s interested with a fresh manicure combined with some much-needed companionship.

“Jill is so good to the residents and is so companionate. They absolutely adore her, and Jill has such a kindred spirit that everyone wants to be around her,” said Jenni Jones, marketing director. “Her service and volunteering are priceless, and she brings so much joy to the residents and staff.”

Among Jill’s recent patrons was Arlene Roberts. At 101, Arlene had come to Jill to receive her very first manicure—an experience that was not only special for her, but her daughter as well.

“She was so sweet, appreciative and excited, but I think her daughter was more excited for her than she was,” said Jill. “It was definitely a feel-good moment for all three of us.”

And it’s partially that contagious feeling of unbridled happiness that brings Jill back each week. Following the death of her 21-year-old daughter in 2013, she was in need of an outlet that would help her manage her grief—one she found at Presbyterian Manor.

“Volunteering has been a healing experience for me after losing my daughter. It is something rewarding for my soul, and I think my daughter would be proud,” said Jill.

And the rewards are clearly mutual.

“Jill has a huge heart and even though she may not have the time, she makes the time and the amount of love she gives when she volunteers is appreciated so much,” Jenni said.

When she’s not at the community, Jill enjoys spending time with her husband and son, roping, working out and walking her dogs.

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