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Mary’s Musings: Mission at the heart of our being

Each April, our PMMA organization celebrates Founder’s Day. This year marked another milestone for our organization with the unveiling of a new logo for PMMA and its senior living communities. In May’s Community Matters, you were introduced to our new PMMA logo. I hope you took the time to read what the elements of the logo represent. Our new logo design points to our future, while exemplifying the founding legacy of Alice Kalb and our continuing commitment to our mission statement, “To provide quality senior services guided by Christian values.”

About five years ago, I wrote a devotion built around our mission statement. In it, I said that the word that has always spoken to me in our mission statement is “guided.” What is a guide and who guides us? According to the dictionary, the definition of guide is “To lead. Someone who shows the way by leading, directing or advising. One who serves as a model for others. Someone who serves to direct or indicate. To direct the course of. To exert control or influence over. To show the way.” As a child of God, I often look to Psalm 23 as our guide to the Shepherd who leads each of us.

When I think of our employees who provide so many different types of care for our residents, I first think of their hands. It makes me think of the words of Father Edward Ferrell in Meditation on Hands from, Surprised by the Spirit. On our hands is written the story of our lives. As a child, we put our hands into the hands of those who were guiding us. Now as an adult, we use our hands to guide and care for others.

How often have your hands been used to help another? Remember all the kinds of work our hands have done, the tiredness and aching they have known, the cold and the heat, the soreness and the bruises. Remember the tears they have wiped away, our own or another's, the blood they have bled, the healing they have experienced. How much hurt they have expressed and how much gentleness, tenderness and love they have given. Remember the many times they have reached out to guide others.

The Bible uses another part of the anatomy as a symbol of our being—the heart. If you place your hand over your heart, you will feel the pulse of life-giving blood flowing through your body. Now lower your hand to your lap very carefully, as if it were carrying your heart, for it does. Each time you extend your hand to another, it is not just bone and skin, it is your heartprint. Your hand is also Jesus’ hand, because he has no other hands to guide and care for other than our hands.

Think of all the hands that have left their imprint on you. Fingerprints and handprints are the heartprints that can never be erased. Our hands have their own special memories. Think of all the people that carry your handprints and bear your heartprint. They are permanent and will last forever.

Our mission to provide quality senior services is carried out through the hands and hearts of our loving, caring staff who in turn receive guidance from our guiding shepherd.

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