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Memory Care at Salina Presbyterian Manor Provides Relief to Residents and Family Members

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease or any other form of dementia can turn lives upside down. From the patient whose brain is changing to the patient’s family members and even friends, everyone has to adjust to anew reality.

At Salina Presbyterian Manor, we know how difficult these changes can be. The Morrison Center offers a dedicated memory care neighborhood with staff who specializes in the ever-changing needs of seniors with dementia. We work hard to offer comfort to both our residents and their families.

“I know it’s a very difficult, emotional decisions when the need arises to consider memory care for a loved one,” said Susan Grosser whose mother Jan moved into our memory care neighborhood. “Even though it wasn’t easy at first, once we saw how much care Mom was receiving, it was relief to all of us.”

Grosser’s parents lived in one of the Manor’s independent living townhomes when her mom’s condition deteriorated so much, Grosser started to worry about her safety.

“She was wandering outside, turning on the stove and forgetting to turn it off…and her behavior and demeanor toward Dad was making it impossible for him to handle.”

Because her parents already lived at the Manor, Grosser simply had to make a call and wait for a vacancy in our memory care unit, which became available quickly. It’s one of the benefits of living at a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).

“Because we offer different levels of care, our residents can rest easy knowing they can move within the community as their needs change,” says Cathy Boos, marketing and sales director at Salina Presbyterian Manor. “The security of having a plan in place for your future allows you to enjoy life in our community with less stress and more peace of mind.”

Susan Grosser says she felt relief when she saw the care her mother was receiving at the Manor's Memory Care Neighborhood

With her mother in our memory care neighborhood, Grosser’s worries eased. “I knew she was safe and was where she needed to be,” she says. “I think Mom made some wonderful friends in the staff while she was in memory care. They were always as close as a phone call if the family had questions or concerns, and were familiar with Mom’s likes and dislikes.”

Mary Ann Lay had a similar positive experience when her mother moved into the Manor’s memory care.

“She had no short-term or long-term memory, but was anxious and unsettled,” says Lay about her mother while she still lived in Texas. “I noticed after we moved her here, her health improved. She seemed content and agreeable and settled in her new normal.”

May Ann Lay says her mother's demeanor improved when she moved into our memory care neighborhood

Salina Presbyterian Manor’s parent company stays on the forefront of care for people who live with dementia. For example, PMMA(Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America®) has committed to train staff in all of its communities in the Positive Approach to Care (PAC) method developed by renowned dementia expert Teepa Snow. When you combine that with other specialty programs and socialization opportunities our memory care stands out from the rest.

Both Grosser and Lay and their families understand the difficulties of caring for someone with dementia and both say, they would recommend Salina Presbyterian Manor.

“Dementia is so difficult for everyone, and having people who are familiar with it to provide care and help certainly was a blessing,” says Grosser.

Lay feels the same. “Caregiving is stressful,” she says. “The unpredictable certainly adds to the stress, and with Mom living in memory care at Presbyterian Manor, I was relieved of that. I highly recommend to anyone who is a caregiver of a person facing serious loss of memory to visit Presbyterian Manor’s memory care. I think you will like what you see and leave feeling good about the care.”

To learn more about Salina Presbyterian Manor and our Memory Care neighborhood or to set up a personalized appointment, contact Cathy Boos at 785-825-1366 or





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