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Three sisters reunite at Presbyterian Manor

by Marilyn Dilling, Mary Agnes Johnson and Judy Killian

Our father was a rural mail carrier for 42 years. Mother instituted a round robin letter, keeping our family connected through time and distance, and the bond that was forged so many years ago remains strong.

Parents of eight daughters and raising seven, they worked hard. We were expected to help with household chores, and attending Sunday School and church was a normal part of our upbringing in Belleville, Kan. We all had piano lessons, and a love and appreciation of music has been and continues to be an important part of our lives.

Although our Dad had no sons of his own, he said he could not be more proud of his seven sons-in-law than if he had chosen them himself.

At the invitation of the Dillings, we heard Kim Fair, then the Presbyterian Manor’s marketing director, give a presentation on Presbyterian Manor living. It was impressive, resulting in we three couples putting our names on the waiting list. The rest is history.

The wide variety of activities and amenities provided by Presbyterian Manor keep us stimulated, content and blessed. We realize we are very fortunate that we can be this close in proximity, yet maintain our individuality.

PHOTO: From left, sisters Mary Agnes Johnson, Judy Killian and Marilyn Dilling have enjoyed spending their retirement years at Presbyterian Manor.

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